Mastering the Emotions

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Dearest Ones,

When your buttons are pushed, don’t push back!  Watch the current flow.  Feel the emotions rise.  Witness all the thoughts that pop up into your mind.  Witness your own inner workings.  When sparked, your body’s intelligence will speak to you in a myriad of ways.  It may resonate as a physical pain, or as a sense of knowing something, or as a flood of thoughts and awarenesses that jump up like a cork from a bottle.  They come with gusto and they get your attention.  Pay attention to whatever is before you. This is the way your subconscious can make something known to you.  This reality suddenly becomes palpable or even visible.  Something buried that has lied dormant or overlooked, is now waving a red flag to get your attention.  Breathe.  Check within to see what is coming up and out.

If you will allow, Dearest Ones, this process to move through you, it can be dealt with efficiently and quickly.  Do not linger in the throes of negativity.  Call upon the Violet Flame, or upon me, or one the Masters.  Know that this is your journey out to the permeter of your inner catherine wheel.  Allow yourself the experience and then let it subside.  Douse the embers of that flame before it picks up again.  Wildfires can easily spread out of bounds.

Emotional pain has its purpose.  It is the signpost that asks you to look at where you are and where you are going.  So stop, and do a personal reconnoitre.  Then quickly come back to your heart center and make any necessary adjustments.  Be thankful for what your inner Divine presence has shown you.  Love yourself.  And most importantly, replace the negativity with positivity.  Do not be neutral about this.  Positive affirmations, a self-applied Prema Agni and self-love will set you right again.

This is the wheel of fortune.  Ride it willingly and without fear.  The journey it takes you on, is meant for you.  Think of it as just another bump in the road of life.  A hiccough even.  And soon you will discover it has disappeared, as if it never was ablaze at all.  It has fizzled into nothingness and you are back in your heart center and you continue on to the next signpost.  Such is the experience of life.  Live it in the fullness of knowing it is all perfect and created for you.

Your Obedient Servant,
Master Merlin