May Magic!

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Days of yore, days gone before,

Today is what you’re living for,

Be true to what lies in your heart,

Let love and wisdom play their part.

It is a wonder, is it not, to see the flowers blossom, to share in the beauty of life pushing through, to be undaunted by the challenges? For the challenges keep you strong and focused. That is the miracle of life. All that you experience brings you to be that beautiful flower. And every individual that sees that flower admires its beauty and its scent and may be inspired to create something of beauty too. You are the radiant light on the hill. Disregard what the doom-mongers would have you believe. You are so loved and supported. Your color and flavor is part of the grand scheme of things and has such an impact on the whole. The magician’s magic is the transformation of Self, from one level of being to another. Enjoy the transformation and the journey in the NOW for it moves so quickly. Savor every moment without judgment. Embrace all life’s lessons as if they are like a flower that has been picked and given to you as an offering. You are all so blessed to be upon Mother Earth at this time and to have this opportunity to impact Her journey of evolution within the Universe. You are greatly assisted in this process at all times, come what may. Remember that YOU are the magic: BE.

Your Obedient Servant,

Master Merlin