Merkabite Calcite

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Merkabite Calcite is pure as the driven snow.  It holds a radiant brilliance in the whiteness of its crystals that is quite magical and transformative.  Its delicacy combined with its solid weight tells us that it combines the aspects of the physical with the higher realms.  It is an Ascension stone that activates the lightbody and helps us to be present in the now.  Holding Merkabite Calcite one senses a lightness around the head and crown, a reminder that we are beings of light, beyond physical form, moving ever upwards.  It opens you to the higher realms, indeed to your Higher Self, as well as to your Guides and Angels.

Merkabite Calcite

Merkabite Calcite is a great enhancer for receiving healing energy.  When seated, holding the crystal in one’s lap, one can feel its energies powerfully at the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and crown, showering up and over one’s aura and then falling gently like crystal snowflakes, like manna from heaven.  Its energies are pure and delicate.

This vibration is angelic; it raises one’s spirits and elevates one’s aspirations to the higher dimensions.  It assists your Ascension process and opens you to the connection to All There Is, to Unconditional Love.  Merkabite Calcite not only helps you to raise your vibration, but it also stimulates your awareness of your own spiritual presence beyond the earthly plane, to the Light and Love of the spiritual realms.

As we expand in our sensitivities and awareness at this time of Mother Earth’s Ascension, Merkabite Calcite has come to us to assist our journey to the next level in our own evolution.  Lightness and flexibility are key attributes for our being in this process.   Thus, this crystal has emerged at a time when we need it most, to help us transcend physical limitation in spirit, but also to be present in form.  Calcite has always been plentiful and available to us in a complete range of colors for alignment with the chakra system.  Merkabite Calcite with its high vibration stimulates and goes beyond the crown chakra to align us on levels that fill our senses and defy verbal description.

What an extraordinary gift Merkabite Calcite is, coming to us at this time within the Divine Plan.  What a magnificent example of Divine power in form, as are YOU.