Merlin and El Morya on Self-Management with Paul the Venetian

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Dearest Beloveds,

We two have long traveled together throughout the realms, both in the earth and beyond the earth. It is with great love and joy that we combine and unify our love and wisdom for your benefit and well-being in this message today.

There were times when we worked singly as we honed our skills and consciousness to prepare for a day such as this, when we stand together at a place where past, present and future meet.  A day when it is you who are walking according to the needs and dictates of a time pressing towards a new tomorrow, The New Camelot.

And so it is time for you to know that we are here to assist your journey and that your future is our future. We are not separate from you, we are intimately involved with all that pertains to you, individually and collectively.

As the travails of the old ways mix and mingle with the new consciousness, know that you will rise into the future, not sink into the negativity of the past. Whatever comes up before you,  may test your mettle, but you can choose now to trasmute quickly all that is a painful reenactment of what has transpired before or that is recently arising. It takes courage to fight the inner fight, but we are so very familiar with your thoughts and emotions, fears and trepidation. Your loving intention is the key to unlock the magnetism of past traumas and to free yourself of the negativity that may come your way. Life itself brings the challenges that you have need of and that you have the love, power and wisdom to change.

Paul the Venetian joins us now to remind you that the Love Flame that rests within your heart will quicken your moving through painful hurts and feelings of the past that erupt anew, time after time, until you have learned to recognize that you are the master of your own ship, steering its course.

And indeed you have agreed and contracted so to do for this time, this age, for yourself and humanity. No more need you doubt or question your mission or your fate. We are the wind behind your sails. Set your eyes upon the horizon of your dreams; your talents will get you there. When a storm is blowing your way and you fear you are being blown off course, call upon us all, for we will remind you of the Love, Magical Power and Divine Wisdom that is lighting your way.

Imagine that a crown of wisdom and authority rests upon your head for your life. It is a matter of choice to make oneself worthy of its weight in gold. Grace and beauty carry you forward, come what may. Pick up your own sword of truth and cut away what is a hindrance to your life. Make way for new growth and expansion of ideas, evolution and consciousness. You are worthy to seek your own freedom of expression and your inner fortitude to fulfill the dreams and visions that have been laid up for you. It is time for you to fortify and prepare for your own personal quest, beyond whatever you have set your limits on before. You will look back in time and realize that everything serves you and that you serve the all-ness of humanity. We are One. One for All, and All for One!

You are seated at the roundtable of humanity, beyond nation, creed, religion and ethnicity. Be encouraged and of good cheer. There is nothing that will be withheld from the deserving Initiate on the spiritual path. .

We three congratulate you on choosing this time to enjoy the thrill of becoming the master of your own destiny.

We await your dedicated focus and attention to the Higher Paths of Illumination and remain your dedicated servants in the Light.

Ascended Masters Merlin, El Morya and Paul the Venetian


April, 2016.