Merlin and the Maya

Alison JamesAlison's Commentary

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The Andromeda Galaxy

Lord Merlin is a Master of Time and No Time in the Earthly plane, and UnTime within the Universe.  He has played an important role with the energies of the Maya on planet Earth and beyond.

This is a profound time for the coming forth of the Mayan energies.  Never before has man been able to access so much energy, information, consciousness and love for himself and for his blessed home planet, Mother Earth.  Time lines, while intersecting, are also runnning concurrently to assist man to step out of his limited thinking and move in to the paradigm of Unconditional and Universal Love.

The Maya are the wizards, mathematicians and scientists who live within the Universal planes and are coordinating the ascension and descension of man, Mother Earth and other planets.  While their earthly civilizations may lie in ruins, their energies and devotion and indeed their powerful presence is always available for the seeker.

February, 2011.