Merlin on Transformational Magic

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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Hello Beloveds,

There is no doubt that transformation is at hand for humanity. It is written. All is proceeding as planned.This may be troublesome for you to fathom, but rest assured, all is happening for a reason and all is perfect. There may be times when it seems overwhelming and challenging and perhaps you may be wondering if things will improve. But we, the Ascended Masters, are hard at work behind the scenes doing what we can to ensure that Love proves to be the answer to all things.

Many are encountering adverse circumstances to be overcome, but you can know that the Divine Plan is functioning for all beings, at all times, in all ways. The unseen forces affecting your world are love-centered and designed for your highest good and evolution. Your role is to keep moving forward, not to be dismayed, but rather to trust in all that all is unfolding in such a way so as to be of help to you. This applies as much individually as collectively. As you each follow your own heart and guidance, the outcomes in your world will prove to be satisfactory and move you all forward.

Drink in Love and be Love. Keep your hearts light no matter how things may look on the outside. The wisdom of your hearts will show you where you need to go, what to do, when to speak out and when to let the force of your own divine presence come to bear.

Look for the beauty in all things, the cyclical patterning, the big picture. Change is a constant in the Universe, even for Gaia, your mother planet. It is you who will lay new foundations for the future. The old is being uprooted and your comfort levels are being turned inside out like a paper bag. There is no time like the present to reassess and re-evaluate what is important in your lives.

Take time to enjoy and give thanks for all your blessings. You are living in extraordinary times and you are extraordinary beings with the magical power to change everything with LOVE.

In Love and Service,
Master Merlin

August, 2017.