Merlin: Onwards and Upwards!

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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Another year has come and gone in your Earth time. So much lies at your fingertips, waiting your intention and focus and, your command. Be about your business of creating your new world of possibilities.

If it’s in your heart, it’s time to start!

I remember only too well the challenges of trusting in myself and my guidance. I knew eons ago as Myrrdin, that coming up against the currents of suspicion, fear and doubt, took all the strength I could muster. You have so much to bring to the table of creativity, innovation and destiny. We the Ascended Masters are well aware of your thoughts and emotions and I say to you, “Fear not!” You have come so far on your spiritual quest that to stop now would be like stepping into quicksand. Now is the time to embrace all that you are with love, compassion and total surrender to what the Universe has in store for you.

Believe in your magic! There is much at stake in your world, and we applaud your efforts to bring about change in your lives. Each one, teach one. Share your stories and your goals. You may be surprised at who will listen and co-create with you your dreams and visions. We love and support all that you are and are becoming. A Master Magician knows his skillset and does not hesitate to use it.  We are here to assist your process.

Not for just one shining moment, but for eternity know that you are Divine, you are Love, and you are blessed in all ways and all in dimensions.

I AM Master Merlin

January 11, 2018.