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There are so many lightworkers who have stepped out of their comfort zone, who have worked long and hard to accomplish things that are reaping benefits of a profound nature.  These benefits may be invisible in their present form, but are no less important.

What am I speaking of? I am speaking of the benefits to humanity at this time. Wherever you may find yourself, at home or abroad, your presence is helping to build the new aggregate of Love and Peace, the foundation of the New Golden Age of Light, indeed, The New Camelot.

It matters not if you are able to speak to a few or to reach thousands – although that is of tremendous service – it is your hearts, dear ones, the energies of your hearts, your thoughts, your intentions that are of the utmost importance.  It is your hearts that we perceive, the love that you radiate, the trail you leave behind.

Sometimes, we look and see a light that is blazing so brightly, like a floodlight, and sometimes we see a warm glow.  Other times a spark lights up for a short while and dims again …  I think you are beginning to understand what I am wanting to express today!

Your constant radiation and joy, a consistent flame within your hearts is the level of emanation we would like to see. This is the recommended dose, if you will, the requisite trademark of a “light”-worker.

It is necessary, therefore, to let go of what turns your love light off! Be it an old memory, a discomfort remembered, a painful experience; it is whatever you allow to cut you off from the flow of love. In other words, beloveds, let go of ALL that holds you in the doldrums, in the past, in fear, in disgust, in irritation, in doubt, in pain, in lack, in all the unrealities that you have learned and taken “to heart”. Your personal resonance with all events and situations of distress and pain of the past prevents your light from reaching the level of light that is truly YOU!

There was once a man who said that lightning never strikes twice in the same place.  Of course, he was duly proven to be mistaken. You can choose to change your position, your outlook, your belief, your goal, your intention, in fact, just about everything that affects you, to avoid the second strike.  Soon, as the new paradigm and reality of Unconditional Love takes greater effect, negative unrealities will lessen their impact and you will be able to truly create the new paradigm, the 7th Golden Age upon Mother Earth.

Yes, there will always be challenges as a result of the dualities that have served not only you but Mother Earth as well.  But over time, you and Mother Earth will evolve to a crystalline frequency and a vibration that you cannot imagine in your present incarnation. This is the Light to which you shall return at the end of your present incarnation and to which you aspire to ascend.

We cannot underline or state more clearly that your devotion to Love, to be Love, to share Love, to offer Love, to understand Love and to receive Love is the simple formula for the success of the transition and maintaining of the New World.

You are realizing that you are not alone in your world, your planet, your solar system, your galaxy or even your universe. Others are leading the way, and others will come behind you. You as homo sapiens will take your place as homo luminous beings within the universe. Gone will be the denials of extraterrestrial activity; their visits will become a part of your world, and their knowledge a part of your consciousness. Their world, our world, your world are really ALL ONE, a gift from the Creator.

As humanity awakens to the truth of the heart and all that rests therein, this expanded awareness will open up man to limitless possibilities and opportunities beyond his present thinking. His micro world will be the macro world beyond the space-time continuum.  It is just a game of catch-up you are playing, a putting to rights what has seeped into and controlled man’s thinking.  But the game is up and we, the Ascended Masters, have long awaited this time when the collective balance of men’s hearts is as light as a feather, both in life and the “after-life”.

Individuality will not cease in this new paradigm of oneness on Mother Earth, or in any other, but the energy of the whole will supersede disparity and separatism. Love is the guiding force and building block of the universe.  Nothing can exist apart from Love. Love pulls us together, irrespective of dimension or circumstance.  It is the immaculate truth of life.

And so, beloveds, the love and devotion of your heart is the answer to ALL that comes before you. And so it begins with you. As above, so below; as within, so without.

I AM Merlin,
I AM ONE WITH YOU in Love, for Love and through the power of Love.

July, 2012.