Merlin Speaks on May Magic

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

As you light a bonfire or a candle to celebrate Beltane in the month of May, remember that this ritual is performed to herald the light reaching Mother Earth and the promise of sunny days ahead. May is a time to honor the spirits of nature and the four elements all who work so diligently for the beauty of Nature that surrounds you.

Pure, untainted and untouched by man, the Spring shoots and buds are bursting forth into life all around you.  Nothing is as restorative, calming and inspiring as spending time in Nature. Mother Earth constantly provides a haven for all life forms whose presence maintains the ennvironment for humanity.  There is no greater pleasure than to sit leaning against an old oak tree, listening to water running in a stream or to the winds rustling through the leaves or to the birds singing, all the while feeling the sun and the air on your face.

I, Merlin, have spent much time enjoying the wonders of Nature and I encourage you to do the same.  Shed your winter doldrums and seek new life, new spirit and new joy in the arms of Mother Nature. All creatures abide there for good reason and you may benefit likewise. Dance and sing, and allow the joys of life to permeate your soul. May Magic abounds!

~ Master Merlin
Lord of the Forest ~ Added by AJ.