Merlin Speaks on Nirvana

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Perhaps you think heaven is a place of eternal rest in another realm or it just seems out of sight right now. Perhaps that place of peace and tranquility within you is eluding you at present and is clouded over. Heaven, my beloveds, is waiting around the corner. Clouds are always passing by.

Heaven, or nirvana in Sanskrit, is what you say it is, what you think it is, and, most importantly, what you feel it is. It need no longer be elusive; reach for the dream that lives on the inside of you. Don’t play small. Create it now. The Universe is greeting your commands with greater intensity and manifestation, and you, if you so choose, can shift to a level you’ve only dreamed of. Infuse your life with energy, love and vision. In short, find your passion and you will find com-passion. Make every day count. Wave your wand and direct the flow.  Be the Master of your destiny.  ~ Master Merlin

November, 2011.