Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Merlinite gives you the ability to have a fuller understanding, it helps you see the big picture from a balanced perspective. Life is not black and white, and yet our ability to discern multiple levels brings a greater understanding and perspective. Merlinite has come to help us heal separation and dualism, to find that black and white co-exist and are one. This inner balance and harmony we can find within ourselves. Merlinite helps us to balance two different aspects, like yin and yang, it rebalances and aligns the web and flow of your energies.


Hold Merlinite in your hand and its magic becomes self-evident: let it help you discover the truth of who you are. Its energies of light will assist your spiritual connection, your intuition. And its depth, its blackness, will enable you to dig deep and then ground your truth into your being. Be in the light and allow your roots to grow deep.

Merlinite is not beholden to time. When working with Merlinite you may transcend earthly limits. You may receive that spark of illumination, that “aha” moment when you know you have grasped the truth of something that gives you insight. Named after the Master of Earth Magic and Alchemy himself, Master Merlin, you may discover with Merlinite the ability to “tap into” something greater than yourself, the bigger picture. Hold your Merlinite in your hand and ask your question, allow the light of Truth to bring the answer you seek.

Very often it is simplicity itself, combined with the ability to break through complicated layers of provisos and questions that enables you to connect with an idea that holds within it all the possibilities. That is the power of Merlinite. You discover that you are the knower and the knowledge, the magician and the magic, the seeker and the mystic. Allow the edges to soften and just be.