Merlin’s Dragon Message

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There is beauty in the beast. The dragon’s metier is to guard and protect its “lair in the air”. The primordial dragon of Mother Earth has laid her eggs around the globe and now is the time of the opening of her mouth to enable your entrance into the realms of new beginnings and the manifestation of your dreams. You are in her, and she in you.

While oft proclaimed a fierce and savage monster, the dragon has exhaled her fiery breath to ensure that truthsayers survive dragon slayers. Under the sword and auspices of Archangel Michael, the wisdom of the dragon has survived the iconoclast. She lies at your root awaiting the fiery passion that will guide your dreams to manifestation.

Don’t stop now. Whatever befalls you, we, the Ascended Masters, are your knights to command, to assist your quest. All for One, One for All. We are One. Have the faith of a knight of old and pursue your heart’s desire. There is no time like the present, to move out of your comfort zone, past illusion into the true out-picturing and expression of your gifts and talents. Take courage and open your heart to Universal, Unconditional and All-Encompassing Love.

The King of your castle is leading you toward the successful completion of your quest, whatever that may be. You may ride on the dragon’s back, the consciousness of your soul, to embody and be in harmony with the cosmic energies that carry you to your ultimate destination.

I AM with you on that journey,
Call upon me,
Merlin, Master of Earth Magic, Alchemy and Transformation

February, 2014.

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