Merlin’s Holiday Message 2018

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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Holiday Greetings Beloveds,

Throughout human history, the duality of form has dominated your world. Over millennia, your repeated lifetimes upon Mother Earth have provided you with multiple opportunities to learn, to expand your consciousness and to create all manner of things to improve your lives. While life is not presented on a silver salver, everything you have garnered, learned and brought unto yourselves has been achieved with effort in your world. With hard work and dedication comes the fruit of your labor — provided the fruit is not the focus. This is the modus operandi.

We watch and wait and assist your journeys but we will never tell you what to do. Perhaps your nighttime dreams are speaking to you as your explore other aspects of yourselves. We cannot overemphasize how beneficial it is to spend some quiet time in meditation, in communication with All There Is, with Spirit and indeed, myself, the Masters, your guides and angels. Over the holidays, as you set your intentions and review and envision your future manifestations, your infusions of Love and Joy and Faith from your hearts in the NOW will seed your future. We know your travails and inner wars as you stretch beyond your comfort zones and face all manner of challenges personally and collectively. The very concept that you may now Ascend while in form is an extraordinary gift in the new world you are creating and that you may master. You have everything you need to create success.

As you gather over the holidays with your family, friends and loved ones know that the Light that you are and the Love that you share spreads a trail that accomplishes much beyond your sphere of sight and awareness. As you reach out to the Universe, the Universe is returned to you. May your inner Love and Light return to you one hundredfold this Season. We are with you always,

In Love and Light,
Master Merlin