Merlin’s March Message

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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Dear Beloveds,

Harsh winds strengthen your resolve. They tug at your roots and test your ability to weather the storms of life. No matter what you may have dealt with in the past, or are facing now, your love and innate abilities will carry you through.

Take comfort in the fact that everything is happening as it should. Rest in the knowledge that you are loved and guided towards those choices that serve you. Your progress at this time is a wonder to behold. No matter your challenges, the love within your hearts is radiating to us in the higher realms and creating greater good than you know! We know and feel you.

We applaud your efforts to be and do all that is in your hearts.Your thoughts, prayers and actions are reaping results on a far grander scale than you realize. Soon you will be emerging from your winter cocoons to create new standards for humanity, ways to live and be. Gone are the days of the unending repetition of fearing the worst for you are truly making a difference now, in all that you are, think and do.

Release your grip of control, let the wind take you where you need to go. Apply the input you receive into a creative force that serves You. Love and honor Yourself first and others will follow suit. Honor, without judgment, all that you have been through, that makes you who you are today. Recognize your inner strength.

And while you may not be out of the woods yet, see the end from the beginning. Focus on your dreams and visions; bring discipline into your routine to bring them to life. There is no time like the present to bring your creative force to bear, to manifest the desires of your heart. And we are here to assist you.

In anticipation of Service,
Master Merlin

March, 2014.