As above, so below.

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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Glastonbury Tor



As above, so below. So this axiom speaks to your lives upon the Earth and to the higher realms of existence. You have incarnated at this time to be of service to the Earth, to each other and to yourselves. This is neither a static experience, nor one without all forms of twists and turns. It is to test your mettle, build your character and mold you for your next level of being.

Yes, my friends, fellow travelers on the journey of discovery through the Universe, we, the Ascended Masters, may seem to be one step ahead, yet we know and have borne many of the trials and tribulations that you may be facing. Self-mastery is the goal and transformation the way.

Your presences upon planet Earth are as important as ours in the higher realms. While there are mountains to climb in experience and knowledge, your love, energies, focus and expansion of consciousness are indeed reprogramming and lighting the way for those who fear or doubt such transcendence is even possible. Every step you take is as important as the summit you hope to attain.

Pause and enjoy the view, lend a helping hand to the one behind you and remember that life is not a race. It is to be enjoyed. Give thanks now for your mountains, obstacles and trials upon the Earth. You will remember them when your course is done.

Love and Blessings,
Master Merlin

April, 2018.