Merlin’s Message: “Camelot”

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

“Cadbury Castle”, Camelot site in the U.K.
Greetings Beloveds,

Contrary to outer appearances, the Camelot you seek is in the ethers, throughout the dimensions and in the Earth and is held in the consciousness of so many who await its rebirth on the planet. Despite being mired in myth and disbelief in the human plane, we the Ascended Masters are working tirelessly to make all that you dream of be a part of your thinking, your being, your actions and the goal of your incarnations. Camelot, like Atlantis and Lemuria, is part of the Collective Consciousness, both known and unknown. Camelot exists beyond Time, yet is still attainable within your time on Earth. All that you achieve for the betterment of humanity and other life forms on the planet is part of the living and breathing Camelot that lies within your hearts. Your hearts and our hearts are One within your planet, your galaxy and even your Universe. Such a Love and creative force that is Camelot cannot be extinguished.

What my Beloved partner is always trying to tell you is that The New Camelot is your ultimate reality, a place beyond three-dimensional constructs, beyond castle walls and limitations. I, Merlin, have long overseen the energies of such places as the Arthur’s Castle at Tintagel, Cadbury Castle and Stonehenge. Together with other Ascended Masters we are ensuring a place for you at the Roundtable in Spirit. Remember that all that you are is equal to all that we are. What you say, think, feel and do makes a difference in your world beyond your understanding. We ask you to remember that even a small step has an impact larger than you can see or perhaps dream of. We ask you to follow your hearts and go as Spirit guides you, utilizing the gifts and talents lying on the inside of you.

Know this: together we can bring about transformation and change for the Highest Good of All. Be encouraged to play your part as together we bring The New Camelot to life on your planet. Whatever may have happened in the past, this is a New Day, when we can all co-create the Unity and Oneness that is a reflection of the Great Central Sun of Source, the Love that is the foundation of the Multiverse and all that you see. It is only a matter of time and your thinking that this is so.

In Time, No-Time and Un-Time
I AM with you Always
Master Merlin