Merlin’s Message for 2012

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks


A New Year is beginning, yet another extraordinary opportunity to find the truth of you and to be more of who you are destined to be. Magic and wizardry applied to Self is your pathway to evolution in this auspicious year in the history of Mother Earth and mankind. New levels of Self Mastery await your discovery, your embrace and application.

For the many who sleep, the turn of this year is but another repetition of what has gone before. But for those of you who have awakened to the “Beginning Times” of this new cycle and age, multiple thresholds may be transversed, thresholds to higher levels of awareness, to expanded levels of connectedness within the Universe and to Universal energies that are the building blocks of the future.

No more cries, woes, doubts and fears; dare to step into a new chapter of Mother Earth’s history as a Co-Creator with other denizens of the Universe. Since the turn of this century, messages of exhortation, encouragement and enlivening have been permeating mass consciousness and many messengers have borne these tidings to those with ears to hear. Now you may bear the inscrutable smile of the Mona Lisa, knowing that you have the wisdom, the tools and the Divine guidance you require to bring you forward.

December 21st, 2012 marks not only the transition of the ages, but also your transition as a way-shower to lead humanity out of the dark times of old into the brilliant New Golden Age, The New Camelot. NOW IS THE TIME to put the past behind you and to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are standing at the appointed hour, to be a conduit between heaven and earth. Move past faith into trust of the unfolding of the Divine Plan at this time.

Ascension belongs not to one man in time. The bell tolls for thee to step into the center of your own heart-light, to acknowledge to yourself what lies on the inside of you.  It does not serve you to hide, procrastinate or play small.  We, the Ascended Masters support you, applaud your efforts and relay back to you your intentions amplified for manifestation. We can take in all you have to say. We are an inexhaustible resource of the Creator serving humanity at this time.

As you enter this new 26,000 year cycle, you are paving the way for generations to come to benefit from this period of accelerated expansion and to shift into Divine Love. You are filling the breach in linear time to enable humanity’s leap into the New Golden Age.  Be Unconditional Love for yourself first, then outward to the world.  Manifest without your hard-won alchemy from within.

Your Obedient Servant,
Master Merlin