Merlin’s Message for 2013

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks


Congratulations! This is your destiny and this is your time. This is the fulfillment of many, many lifetimes spent on Planet Earth for you to become and be who you really are, to realize that you are incarnated here NOW to be of service to the Light, to each other and Planet Earth. The time is NOW and you have arrived!

Indeed, the consciousness of your shared mission, TO BE LOVE, is in full force and effect. No more need you wonder if the Shift of Ages will truly happen. It is here and it proceeds! All that has gone before is now the shared past of humanity.

From this day forward, please realize we are ALL ONE! There is no separation between you and I, the Ascended Masters and the Beings of Light within the Universe. Your love, your energy and your light is resonating around the globe, deep down to the Earth’s core, through its mantle, into the stratosphere and out into the Universe. Humanity’s consciousness functions as a relay system that is expanding within the Universe and returning back to you! Your shared consciousness on Earth is a unified energy field that supports you all and we, the Ascended Masters, maintain it with you.

RISE UP, Beloveds! You are the conduits between heaven and earth.  Your thoughts and voices are heard and your vibrations are felt. This is the time for new beginnings and you must know that you are loved and supported more than you can imagine. There is no turning back. Step up and step out beyond old limitation, negativity and lack. Your wizardry – or put another way, your mastery – is the key to the transformation you seek, on a personal as well as a collective level. The love that you hold in your hearts and that you share with each other is the guiding light for all that is to come.

Those that seek to perpetuate the negative ways and remain in denial of this expansion of consciousness, will come up hard against the Shift that you are bringing forth. Those who work to perpetuate war and old paradigms of manipulation, fear and control will suffer. Be assured, Beloveds, the Love of the Great Mother is restoring balance, harmony  and light without and individual wholeness within. Love cannot be denied. True Liberty and Freedom shall reign  in the New Golden Age of Light.

Energies have sought to deter hope and to halt the progress of your souls on the planet, but you have stood resolute and have overcome many, many challenges and obstacles.  You have borne much. It is written, the Ascension of Mother Earth is a force of Nature that cannot be undone. Her Scrolls of Light have been unfurled and TRUTH WILL OUT!

So be not afraid to speak your Truth, to stand up for what you believe in and be not dissuaded by nay-sayers. The Divine Plan for your lives is unfolding and you, Beloveds, are birthing the new paradigm for Mother Earth. All that you have achieved and will achieve for the common good of humanity is springing forth from your hearts.  It is time for each one of you to review your lives, reassess your purpose and recalibrate your intention so that the purpose of the Creator, the Divine Plan, can unfold through you. This is the reason for your incarnation. The responsibility is yours to fully embrace and to carry forward with an expanded heart and with courage. No-one is to be left out or left behind, unless it is their wish. Choose to  create a New World together, as One. Hold your love for the Creator in your hearts as precious as your own lives. Allow all that has held you back and held you in check to dissolve and fall away.

I, Merlin, know well times of struggle and war on Earth, and indeed, the war that goes on within, but this is a NEW DAY! Let this Shift of the Ages be the turning point for you to change your lives for the better now, to move forward in the knowledge that you are the Ones you have been waiting for. Love and work with each other as one family on Earth, taking care of each other and being in service to one another. Remember that you are Divine! All humanity and life forms on Earth require your respect, your love and your nurturing. Mother Earth has her own trajectory within the Universe and she too requires your understanding and your cooperation to help restore the balance of her and your energies to Oneness.

As Mother Earth realigns with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy, you are experiencing a rebooting of your Divine Blueprint. Not only are you experiencing a re-harmonizing of being, and loving yourselves once more, but you are experiencing the deep and eternal Love of the Creator in your hearts.  Many of you have discovered beautiful, loving relationships with a partner on Earth, yet for all there is a rekindled flame for the true Love of the Creator growing on the inside of you, within your hearts.

So, Beloveds, carpe diem – seize the day! You have the abilities, the desire and the wisdom to tip the scale towards Love now. Everything you require lies on the inside of you. Your dreams and the desires for the future of the Planet are falling into the collective embrace of humanity. We are with you in Love, in Service, and in Gratitude for all that you are doing and will continue to do. Love is the way.

Master of Earth Magic