Merlin’s Message: Nature’s Charms

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Hello Beloveds,

A daily stroll in your local environment for some fresh air is good, but meditating out in Nature is better. Finding a quiet and pleasant spot in a park or wild area, however small, will renew your spirit and smooth your furrowed brow. Do not underestimate how healing it can be to commune with Spirit under a tree, to surround yourself with beautiful flowers and plants and to take the time to connect to Mother Nature, the spirit of Gaia and the planet herself.

It takes the devoted consciousness of the elementals to maintain the abundant plants and the biosphere of the planet. Indeed, viewed from a higher perspective, it takes the active consciousness of Source to maintain the Earth, all her beauty and growth as well as ourselves. You do not live in a vacuum. Who is man to plunder and abuse the kingdoms of the planet that serve him? Now is the time for a reckoning and realignment with Mother Earth for the benefit of all. New sustainable methods of food growth, power production and transportation are already available and need to be implemented and improved upon on a worldwide scale. We ask you to play your part in helping to reverse the ill effects of abuse and greed of the past. Be frugal, not wasteful, mindful of water usage and of your carbon footprint, of garbage disposal and waste of all kinds.

Most of all, be kind and gentle with Mother Earth’s bountiful and generous gifts all around you. Man is cared for, supported, loved and taken care of in every way as has always been the case throughout his existence. Shifting from “me consciousness” to “we consciousness” will lead the way to eliminate so many pollutants building up below, upon and above the planet. Caring for the oceans and rivers and all animal life has now hit critical mass. We hear your prayers and appreciate all your efforts to effect change for all the kingdoms of the planet. The Laws of the universe were devised to serve the Divine Plan. It all comes down to Love and finding ways to demonstrate your Love. Thank you for playing your part.

Loving Your Responsibility,
Master Merlin