Merlin’s Message on Emergence

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Greetings Beloveds,

Like the lotus flower that pushes its way through the mud to emerge into the light, you too are finding your way to become the fullness of who you are and to bring your Truth out into the world. It is no mean feat to persist in your efforts, to remain centered, to put criticism aside and to deliver your thoughts, actions and plans into the world of form COME WHAT MAY.

As you continue on your individual path, you may well encounter a push-back to test your mettle and your ability to “stick to your guns”. This is the school of hard knocks of your adult years, when to be tried and tested builds your inner muscle of self. You may also find that some old inner patterning and perhaps some outmoded thinking from the past will come bubbling up for your attention. “I thought I dealt with that you may cry”; it is some further honing of self, the peeling away of a deeper layer that it is time to let go of.

Self criticism and/or a refusal to change can be a painful prospect when the Universe would have you come out of the past. Release that old skin, “let go and let God”. Follow where you are led, trusting in Self (your God Self that is) negotiating the twists and turns in order to develop your inner strength. Make room for change and growth for this is a constant demand throughout time and space, as well as in your present life,

Be sure to make time for meditation, rest and joyful laughter to offset your trials and find inner peace. Whatever you are going through is all for a reason, although you may not see it right now. It may appear in a mirror darkly and even cause some “brain fog”, but as you keep going and growing the mist will clear. It is part of the Divine Plan for you.

Love and Blessings,
Master Merlin