Merlin’s Message on Humanity’s Reset

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Greetings Beloveds,

In these challenging times we are at your side to provide love and support in all your circumstances. This is not the first time you have faced plagues and pestilence, and you have been given many gifts and tools to handle the circumstances of your life. Many souls are leaving at this time but you can rest assured that the Love and Peace that surpasses human understanding is their portion.

While the question arises as to why this global pandemic has come to the fore, we can advise that it is your response that will govern its exit. Now is the time for the “reset switch” of humanity to be turned on. No more can the few live at the expense of the rest who may be suffering or uncared for. This applies to the planet and all her kingdoms as well as to man. At the same time, each has a responsibility to be, do and have to the best of their ability what is of service to humanity. No one person holds all the answers, no organization, no government. The collective energy and mindset (mass consciousness) on a global scale requires your best effort to share and radiate the Love that you are. Inclusion and equality for All are the shared precepts to live by as you move to a better world for All. Go within for your higher guidance and wisdom. Your Inner Alchemy (transformation) can be precipitated by your declaration to the Universe of your acceptance and need for change within and without.

Mother Earth is hitting her reset switch and yours, i.e. your alignment with Unconditional Love. Fear not. The Love that you are will bring about the changes you seek. True Freedom will be achieved when True Love is your modus operandi. Be encouraged that all you have need of lies within. The company of heaven is at hand and at your behest to assist you in all facets of your lives. We are not separate from you. Your willingness to shift at this time will affect the renewal of your world, your thinking and your well-being. It lies in your hands.

In Service to Humanity,
Lord Merlin