Stepping Behind the Veil

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks


It has long been the desire of man’s heart to learn the mysteries of his presence and his journey. His search may have carried him to visit the wonders of man’s creations, only to discover that it is his Inner Man that he will discover behind the veil. This discovery is sacred, like the journey itself. His rising prayers and falling ashes are an inseparable part of his manifestation of all that is holy and universally divine.

One day, you may find yourself standing at the veil, ready to turn it aside. The eternal chalice of Love, Will and Wisdom rests amid the threefold flame for those Initiates who have passed from glory to glory on their ascension path. It awaits you upon your completion of the steps of mastery in the earthly realms. We call you to sit at the feet of the Master who is your god, the High Priest who can initiate you into the things of God.