Merlin’s Message: Take Time to Reflect

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Greetings Beloveds,

There is no time like the present to sit quietly and be still. No matter where you are in your process or in your life as a whole, connecting inwardly to your consciousness, god-self and guidance is extremely beneficial, if not critical, for your growth, well-being and creative flow. Do not underestimate how a thought, idea or moment’s inspiration can change your life. It is a matter of your being open and receptive, perhaps in the wink of an eye, to receive next steps and new ways of being. Sometimes it will arrive in a rush, a series of images or synchronicities. What is meant for you is meant for you, not someone else. You may wonder if this is a dream, an idyllic daydreaming of sorts, or is it the stuff that future dreams are made of? You decide, with your heart. Ask your heart to provide the answer.

It is quite normal, and human after all, to feel some trepidation and to question the why and the how of its origin. How you feel about it, however, is your reality gauge. See the end from the beginning and infuse it with all that you are, bathing it in creative light to manifest in your life. This is your magic! Use it. Do not let the dream-stealers in your life rob you of the joy of being all you can be, and all you can dream to be. Take a moment and reflect on how things could be different in your life. You have the courage and strength to pursue your dream. To this end have you incarnated. Call upon me and the Ascended Masters to assist you, to help you weave the spells of magic and mystery in your life. Trust and have faith.

Forever by your side,
Master Merlin