Merlin’s Message: The Divine Embrace

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks


You are precious, a gift to the Universe. A gift from Yourself to yourself. You are Divine. Do not think that you are an afterthought, second-best, or a “maybe”. You matter. It is time to remember from whence you came and where you will return. Did not Jesus show you the way? You too are the Truth, the Way, and the Life …  and the Light. No more need you wonder if you are alone or left along the wayside. Rise up and know that the Universe was created for you. You belong to it and it belongs to you. Every wonder of life is for you.

Believe that you are All There Is. Nothing is separate from you. Only thinking makes it so in your personal world. Feel the Divine Embrace as you are lifted into Light as a son or daughter of the Divine. Everything you encounter is to help you be all you can be, beyond human form, beyond time, beyond thinking. Allow our eternal bond permeate your consciousness, beyond limitations on Earth.

Now is the time for introspection and acceptance of your Divinity. You are what you say you are. What is your truth? What is your desire? What you believe you can achieve. Love is your portion, now and forever.

Love is You,
The Lords of Light