Merlin’s Message: The functioning of the Spiritual Hierarchy with You.

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks


We are not strangers to you. Many of you know our presences, our names, our energy signatures and our voices. We visit you, we watch you and we know your energies and light. We see you and feel you. Most importantly, we know your hearts, your thinking and your desires. We will not intervene in your decision-making, or even try to change your mind. Your free will to gather your lessons to yourself and to process them operates beyond our control. Nonetheless, we are ready at a moment’s notice to answer your questions, make suggestions and bring our understanding to you. Your present life is for your evolution and benefit. We continue to learn alongside you.

While you are assigned a gatekeeper, or a guardian angel, as well as many other beings to assist you, there is an infinite scope of Ascended Masters, Enlightened beings and Angels to assist you at different levels throughout your life. So many wait in line to be of service, to bring their consciousness to you, to help your growth and expansion and perhaps to even help you balance or clear the past. The Karmic Board is forever actively participating in the lives of humanity.

While we are called a hierarchy, we do not consider ourselves above you or each other. We are One in Love and may interchange at different points in time when it is so determined to benefit you. Moreover, with greater awareness of our energies, focus and giftings, you may call upon us as you encounter challenges along the way. It is important to remember that you are never alone in your trials and tribulations. As situations arise in your lives, it is easy to lapse into self-imposed isolation, cutting off the very help that awaits your request and implementation. As a result of our own lifetimes upon Earth, we are very familiar with your inner struggles. We do not judge you, or give up on you. We are One with you. As above, so below.

Always at your side,
Master Merlin