Merlin’s Message: The Many and the One

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Greetings Beloveds,

The perception while in physicality is that there is another being standing beside you, another form, another soul, and that being and soul is not you. This gives rise to the idea of separation that predominates your earthly thinking. The duality that challenges your very evolution, gives rise, however, to the very purpose of your assignment and mission upon Earth. It is to go beyond what you see with your physical eyes and to see instead with your heart and your inner being. It is to operate your expansive God-given system of knowing, feeling, sensing, hearing and intuiting what is REAL. Learning to operate your own inner guidance system takes a lifetime of practice and development. To become aware of what lies within, that is, going beyond your outer vision, operates your faith and galvanizes your spiritual discernment.

Human definitions and labeling add further to the belief in multiplicity. Yet this perceived multiplicity is formed and built with the same Love and Energy of the One Source that is the very form and Substance of All. The Ascended Masters are of One Heart and Mind and we endeavor to bring this Reality to you, for your edification and well-being and to assist your awareness of going beyond the human reality of limitation. Even as the stars and planets expand, evolve and change form, so too do you. Energy never dies, it is transformed and transmuted into another form, as are you. The Many are part of the One, and the One is in All. It is a paradox of life, for you and all beings in the Universe.

We encourage you to exercise your faith, believe in yourselves and your visions. Your dream is not beyond your attainment. Your dreams and visions are part of your God-given direction-finding system that is always present within. We love and support you in all your comings and goings. We are One with you. As above, so below.

Master Merlin,
In Service with
The Many and the One