Merlin’s Message: The Truth of You

Alison L. JamesUncategorized


You have incarnated into a world of form, into a family and a life that you create daily. So powerful is your experience that you may come to believe that you are your body and that all you see and your emotions are the truth of you. Perhaps you think that your unique gifts and talents belong to you, and you alone. While you learn to master your actions and reactions, as you develop the God-Qualities that lie within, it is important to remember that you are God’s. Your spirit is God’s Spirit and you are being led to be the fullness of who you are. Your life is gift from a source that is far greater than you.

In other words, beloveds, you are divine. Perhaps you state this and perhaps even think it from time to time, but do you believe it? Have you reached a point on your spiritual path where the invisible aspects of being, the things that you experience but cannot see, do they form the foundation of your beliefs and actions? Do you hear your inner voice and do you attune to it with all your inner sensibilities? Is the wisdom of your heart guiding you? Jesus said: “Be in the world, but not of the world.” Learning to walk in both worlds simultaneously with love, gentleness, peace and devotion is a sure sign that your I AM Presence within is leading the way.

When you accept your divinity, the draw of the outer world becomes less. Attachments fade, your motivation becomes clearer and what mattered before, now matters less. Your priorities shift so that your outer expressions, whatever form they take, become an expression of your soul, your inner being. You learn to love yourself. From your own perception, when your outer personal world reflects your inner world, when nothing can dissuade you from your path, you know that you are mastering yourself. You can bend and flow like a bulrush while still maintaining your integrity and learning to be of service. You might not like it all, but your loving Inner Spirit is showing you the best path for you; being One with Spirit is the very Truth of you. Let go and let God! You can feel it in your heart.

Love and Blessings to You,
Master Merlin