You’re a Work of Art

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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The season of Spring affords you many opportunities to spend time in nature, to listen to the birds sing and to observe life in all its wondrous forms. As you breathe in and out, slow your pace and observe the life-affirming process you are undertaking, the gift of breathing life in and out that takes place effortlessly within your body temple. So much is afforded you on every level of being, within, without and within the universe.

Nothing is withheld from you: the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat. Your proclivities and tastes are all meant for you. Even your dreams bring you information and insights. Are you not wonderfully made? The diversity of your world, the artforms you enjoy and the technologies that serve you all provide an endless stream of sustenance and enrichment. There is an abundance and endless stream of life surrounding your every step and breath.

Trust in yourselves and your leanings. While your media services fill your plate with much to distract and disturb you, your unique abilities and insights are sufficient for you to be all that you dream of. Your own transformation rests in the palms of your hands as do your intentions and daily happiness. No more fear, no more doubt. You are a Work of Art of the Creator of All There Is with much to bring to the world. Allow myself and the Ascended Masters to assist all your manifestations.

Master Merlin

May, 2018.