Merlin’s New Year Message 2017

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Hello Beloveds,

In the grand scheme of things life is fleeting. Feel free to be you and enjoy who you are and all that you are doing. It’s good to laugh at adversity, no horseing around on that one.

Consistency of purpose, direction and application yields results hoped and worked for in a lifetime, but an open heart that can flow with the unexpected twists and turns of daily life will benefit from whatever is coming as a result of the Divine Plan. While individual plans may be thwarted or need to be revised, the electromagnetic charge of your heart and your physical presence will attract back to you the consciousness of what is held in your energy field. Like attracts like.

If you are thinking that you are unsure of what you want, soften your mind to receive new inspiration as opposed to worrying a negative. Give thanks for your blessings. Many new situations and opportunities will arise in the year ahead, and where readiness and willingness intersect, that is where purpose is set into motion. It is not possible to know in advance how and when things come about, but when they do, it is helpful to remember that you have the skill and ability to do what is necessary through your Divine Presence. The synchronicity of divine timing awakens the Love and Joy that is within you.

There may be times when you are called to step out of your comfort zone in order to meet new challenges, but rest assured your Divine Self is at work to provide a way for answers to be found. The Spirit of the Universe is at work all around you, in you and through you. You know not where your next miracle will come from or from whom. It’s a matter of allowing the ebb and flow of life to move through your circumstances without judgment and attachment. What at first may seem contrary may be quite the right medecine for whatever is ailing you.

We, the Ascended Masters and the Heavenly Host, are supporting you in your efforts to be, do and have all that you are destined to be, do and have. I, Merlin, am ready to assist you as evolutionary changes on a global scale come about. No thing is beyond our scope of attention as it pertains to you and your lives. Surely you remember that all that affects you, affects us, for we are all One. Be light in heart and mind. May your lives reflect more love and joy as your perspective and understanding widens. We love, honor and support you as you seek your place in the new world you are creating.

Love and Blessings,