Merlin’s Roar!

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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Magic and mystery are yours to unravel and to be.  No more hiding in the shadows of self-doubt or fear.  It’s time for transition, transmutation and self redefinition.

You never stop growing and learning and neither do I.  There is never a time when I switch off or close down to the world about me. So it is for humanity as the anticipated timelines for 2012 come to fruition. Your journey may be challenging, even overwhelming at times, but the end results will be worth every effort, every adjustment and the tears shed.

No more will humanity be mired in death and destruction.  New life, hope and a more balanced way of living is evolving.  And you beloved readers, are playing your part in this momentous shift for humanity and Mother Earth.

So don’t hold back, or put off to another day. Now is the time for you to grasp ever more fully the wonder of who you are, your gits and talents, your connection to the Universe and the Unity of All.  What a marvellous experience has been gifted to you at this time. Let your inner light shine forth upon all that you do. There is no going back to the ways of the past.

Relish your opportunities as they are presented to you, enjoy your lives and start living the dreams waiting for expression on the inside of you.  Humanity has a bright future and you are in the driver’s seat.

In Service to Humanity
Master Merlin

August, 2012.