Merlin: The Alchemy of Happiness

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Dearest Ones.

It is time to let the sunshine in.  Pull back the drapes to your awareness, peal away the veil and let the light shine in on those dark places you have been avoiding.  Let your own inner light root out what is no longer working or that requires adjustment.  Let the Light shed light where it is needed most.  Let the shadows of your own doubts and fears fall to the ground and gently fade away.

No need to be worried and concerned at every twist and turn.  Remember to blend the head and the heart to make loving rational choices for the benefit of All.  I am very aware that Summer is anticipated and awaited for happy times, connections and Summer fun.  Joy and feeling happy are important for your wellbeing and health.  However, I mention to you here that Unconditional Love of Self and others is an important component of such joy and happiness.  As you consider how to mix your own brew for the Summer months ahead, be sure to allow time for introspection of both mind and heart, so that you will achieve what is in your best interest.  Talking yourself into something, so easily done, may not provide the outcome or experience you seek.  Waving your own wand of creativity twoards the goal or outcome you desire, requires the loving intention of the heart.

We are listening to your hearts.  May rose petals fall upon your lives.  ~ Merlin