Message from Ascended Master Aengus: “Live Love”

Alison L. JamesMessages of Light

Beloved Friends:

It is your God-given right to pursue love and happiness throughout your days on Earth. When you immerse yourself in Nature, in beauty and all that Gaia has to offer you, your life will be greatly enriched. It was designed to be that way. To see life’s challenges as doom and gloom, to allow a downward spiral of lack and negativity to rule your existence is a sure-fire way to miss the proverbial “love boat”. The gifts of the Creator have not changed.

Despite imperfections of the human self, communion with your God Self will pave the way to a greater sense of wellbeing and acceptance of yourself. Learning to balance and remain centered no matter what is happening round about you, is an art and, over time, a great accomplishment. The love that you seek from communication and intimacy with others is a great part of human happiness. However, what you seek outside of yourself must be found within. You need not pursue the life of a hermit, yet a goodly amount of time spent in contemplation and meditation will enable a deeper understanding. It may not arrive in one swoop, but will gently infuse you over time with a sense of peace, self-knowing and acceptance, that becomes your Truth.

The relationships that are in your life are a sign of where you are with yourself. Perhaps you are seeking a special relationship that you believe will present you the love you seek. We are all a part of the Great Oneness of the Creator and no-one or nothing is separate from that. Grasping is counter effective when seeking a love relationship. Acceptance of and surrender to your Higher Self first is the key to experiencing the Divine Love of an Ultimate Partner, wherever and whenever that may occur. Your Beloved on Earth deserves all the love that you can be and give. Your heart will guide you in all that you do, if you will allow. You cannot change others, but you can allow the Divine Love that is you to show you how to be. Live Love in every way, every day. This is your destiny, your gift to the world and the way to find your ultimate love and happiness.

With a Great Love for You,
Ascended Master Aengus

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