Message from Goddess Sekhmet

Alison JamesMessages of Light

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I invite you to visit with me, Sekhmet, as you open up to the Divine that is you and to the Divine Feminine that is a part of you. Whether your form is masculine or feminine, your creative self, your feeling body and your receptive mind are functioning parts of your soul that seek expression through you, as you and for you.

I am here to assist your growth and to help you reach the full potential of you. All that you perceive and engage with in life prepares you for the rebalancing of self beyond human differentiation of form. The Divine Feminine is courageous and full of vitality and ready to assist all aspects of your life. Love knows no boundary of time, place or physicality. The Divine Masculine and Feminine of you meet at the heart where the principles of Divine Love, Will and Wisdom intertwine in the Three-Fold Flame. Be wise as a serpent but gentle as the dove.

Feel me beside you in times of trouble or joy. I, Sekhmet, am ready to assist your understanding and embodiment of the Divine Feminine of Self in all that you are and all that you do.

With Great Love,
Goddess Sekhmet

Lion’s Gate, August 8, 2018.