Message from Master El Morya: A New World Begins

Alison L. JamesMessages of Light

Dear Beloveds,

I greet you with Love and Compassion as you each weather the changed conditions of living as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic. While many individuals have chosen to leave the planet at this time, those of you who are choosing to serve humanity and mass consciousness with a renewed perspective of Love, are charged to hold fast to the new ideas and creativity that you are birthing. Many of you are finding yourselves faced with altered circumstances and may be grieving the loss of loved ones. The heavenly company of the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels and Enlightened Beings wish to let you know that every soul is fulfilling his or her contract at this time.

Those of you who remain are charged with the evolution of Love, Unity and Peace on planet Earth. At no time before has the Collective been ready to embrace Christ Consciousness and the true Freedom for which you have worked over millennia and multiple lifetimes. The new reality in which you find yourselves will not return to the old paradigm of “me, me, me” but instead will evolve to “We Consciousness” that will encompass Love, Peace, Health, Harmony and Abundance for All. True Freedom can never be won with weapons of destruction and fearmongering, but with the Love, Light and Compassion that you are feeling at this time. No more can worldly benefits for the few exceed and diminish the wellbeing and rights of the masses. Each of you is being asked to step up in the knowledge that you are Divine and that you have volunteered to be of Service at this time. Indeed, many of you have asked for this opportunity to change your world. Mother Earth, her atmosphere, energies and core, and all her lifeforms, are crying out for your focused attention and your soulful, mindful and intentioned actions on all levels.

For eons you have been guided by the Enlightened Beings within your solar system as well as your galaxy, and beyond. We have worked and prepared for your planetary Ascension and now it is up to you to make your decision as to how you will act and work together in cooperation and Unconditional Love to establish all that you have dreamed of. Let no man rob you of your dreams and shared future for the Good of All.  The emphasis for your lives going forward will be to create a living, breathing world of Peace and Unity, without adversely affecting anyone or anything. You and your world are Divine. Every blade of grass, grain of sand and creeping insect has its rightful place in the world.  Every tree that supplies you with oxygen is to be honored and nurtured. The birds of the air, fish and mammals of the sea and every creature, large and small, is to be cherished, not abused or misused for profit or material gain. Every river and stream and the plants of beauty that have sustained you, require your love and maintenance. A gentler way of living with respect and appreciation for All will be the way to greater happiness and contentment in your lives. Criticism, discrimination and hate will pass from your lexicon as you restore your world to its proper balance. You will all thrive when each of one of you takes your place to re-build and restore your beautiful world. It is much closer than you think.

We encourage you to intention in your heart what you would like to do and how you would like your world to be. We are in your thoughts and prayers, in your daily routines and in your vision quests. Nothing is impossible. Maintain your positive thoughts and actions to be of Service to God and to each other. We are ready to assist you in every way possible to create the New Golden Age and it all begins now. Your world is changing, it is time. Each one of you is needed.

Love and Blessings,
In Service I AM Master El Morya