Message from Mother Isis

Alison L. JamesMessages of Light

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Dear Beloveds,

You are so blessed in this present age to be able to pick and choose from a worldwide smorgasbord of cultures, religions, nations and activities. There are few limits in your world, other than those that are self-imposed. Yet as you live your lives, there is a commonality, a oneness of being, that we ask you to bring forth for yourself and humanity. This is the universal energy of Love. This has not changed over the eons of time in your world nor in the time and place of Ancient Egypt. It is as important today as it has ever been that you live a life full of joy and wonder, purpose and direction and in the service of lovingkindness. You are my children reborn from bygone ages of a great civilization which is my honor to steer, alongside many others, and to assist you in all you seek in the unfoldment of the next Golden Age. Your action, service as well as your prayers are of great significance to the gods of all the Ages. It matters not to whom you may petition for guidance, we are poised to help you bring about the transformation you seek, within and without. Do not wonder if one god or goddess will serve you better than another. We are all ready in the wink of an eye to assist at your behest. Deep in your heart you know that you are fulfilling your destiny. Call upon me, if you will, for the answers to your questions and allow me to guide your hands. Together we can rebuild your lives out of the ashes and into the Light.

In Unconditional and Universal Love,
Mother Isis