Message on Mastery from Ascended Master El Morya

Alison L. JamesMessages of Light

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Beloved Ones,

Leadership skills are not solely skills for managing others, but for managing the self. What one does in the small, one can do in the large. In other words, what you are able to achieve in some small way can be increased and applied on a larger scale. What you tell yourself you will tell others. This is the essence of effective leadership. A good grasp and understanding of the highest qualities of being, of your I AM Presence, will stand you in good stead.

It requires, therefore, discipline of self on all levels. Lessons must be learned, applied and made your own. As the Masters have taught, do unto others as you would be done by. Treating others with love and respect will attract their appreciation and support. It sometimes occurs, however, that the roles of leadership can come by default, but one’s presence of mind will always be demonstrated and observed and may even have a magnetic quality.

In Mastery of the self, a good amount of introspection and objectivity about the self will enable your point of view to change and encompass new ways of thinking and being. Your belief systems need to come into alignment with Unconditional Love. In my lifetime as King Arthur, I held firmly to the maxim, “All for One, One for All”. This lesson is still in its infancy for humanity in its application.

However, as you seek to Master yourself, your situations, your emotions you will need to root yourself in love, kindness and practical thinking. You will find that self-discipline is not a form of punishment, but a way to achieve personal evolution and a skillset that will help others along the way as well.

For a deeper and closer look at the self and realignment with your I AM Presence, fear not to call upon me. I am ready to assist you.

In Love and Service to The One Creator,
I AM El Morya.