Messages of Light

Channeled Messages from Other Dimensions

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An Introduction to Channeling


Channeling is a FANTASTIC GIFT from the Creator! In ancient Lemuria, — or put another way, in the Garden of Eden — our communication with Spirit (or God) was direct. Over millions of years, our densification into matter and the development of our lower chakras diminished our connection to Spirit. Many indigenous tribes on the planet today maintain these connections, such as the Aborigines with the practice of ‘the Dreaming’ and many shamans around the world. Everyone can learn to channel.


It was because of my desire to connect to Master Merlin, the Ascended Masters and Angels, that I pursued this ability on daily basis and with a tenacity! As I describe in my [wplink page=”twin-flame-reunification”]Twin Flame Reunification[/wplink] workshop, communicating with the consciousness of an ascended being draws you closer and closer to Spirit and ultimately to your Higher Self. Channeling can bring about a tremendous expansion within your own being. This process is greatly facilitated by crystals and, in my case, by the use of a pendulum. Crystalline energies bring about an amplification the energies reaching you that carry the words, sounds, images and consciousness of the being who is communicating with you. There is, therefore, a tremendous energetic impartation.


As a “conscious” channel it is necessary to still the mind in order to receive and transmit what is being communicated in a clear way, without “tainting” the message. It is quite a responsibility and not one that I take lightly.

Do [wplink page=”contact”]contact me[/wplink] if you have an interest in learning more about channeling and how to use a pendulum and crystals.