Mohini Murti

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I am writing this at the time of the Venus Transit (June 5, 2012) a rare heavenly event from our earthly perspective and one that will not occur again until 2117. Following so soon after the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse, and the full moon Lunar Eclipse of June 4, the Venus Transit is a culmination point and another energy trigger in this auspicious year. Simply stated, the Venus Transit is, from our geocentric viewpoint, the movement of Venus across the path of the sun.  Our sister planet crosses in front of our solar sun, her feminine energies coming directly into our purview and atmosphere as she glides in front of the divine solar masculine. She marks yet another wave of feminine force that is reaching us at this time of Mother Earth’s Ascension.

The symbol utilized for planet Venus and the Divine Feminine is a circle resting upon a cross, illustrating the wholeness of divinity sitting on top of the foursquare, or put another way, Spirit ruling over matter.  No matter how you interpret or experienced this transit, its occurrence was an important celestial event and in divine right order.

I wish to state clearly that the Divine Feminine is “not greater than” the Divine Masculine; they are equal, fused, integrated and co-existing polarities forming part of the wholeness or holiness of the universe.  The influx of the Divine Feminine energies coming to Earth brings into balance what has fallen out of balance.  In this balance, both masculine and feminine energies are unified, both within and without us.  There is no stopping it or us now!

Thus with synchronicity and appropriate timing, I share below a channeling I received from Mohini Murti, the female avatar of the Hindu mythos. Mohini Murti is perhaps much less known in the west.  Mohini means “enchanting” or “enchanted” and Murti means “manifestation”. In the Mahabharata she appears as a form of Vishnu (the supreme god) and acquires a pot of Amrita, the elixir of immortality, which she returns to the Devas (demi-gods) after it is stolen by the asuras (demons).  Interestingly, one of her images is similar to the Aquarian symbol in that she is often depicted holding a jar from which she pours blessings. The legends about Mohini emphasize her guile and cunning, yet despite stories of her exploits and marriages, she has found her place and is worshipped throughout the Indian culture. She speaks here:

Dearest Devotees,

 I am a Being of Light from the Highest Realms and known as a Hindu deity. Long have I awaited an opportunity speak through the eye and ears of those who would seek my presence at this time on Earth. Many in the western world are not familiar with my name and presence and yet like the Goddesses who walk among you today, I am always present.

I was known as an enchantress and have been revered for my earthly beauty, but the only enchantment I seek is your awakening to the Divine Love, Beauty and Peace that rests within your heart.

No mortal man can fully remember the splendor and glory of the Divine Love and Presence of the Godhead, yet he may seek to find the truth of his immortality and multi-dimensional being.  I am beyond the earthly sexuality of the masculine and feminine. I am your unified being of the Most High God. I am the Divine Feminine unraveling within your heart, your chakras and your mind.

Call upon me to help you discover the truth of who you are, why you walk the Earth at this time and to lead you out of darkness into Light. Many have sought to own or debase my memory, while others have set me upon a pedestal.  Place me in your heart as a Hindu mother, for eternity.

I will help you discern tricksters and naysayers so that your dreams and visions may come to fruition now.  Your religion, creed or sex matters not; the transcendence of your soul must be your goal. No more need you be mired in materiality or myth. I always existed. I gained prominence in Hindu legends of antiquity, but this was a forerunner to gently bring you out of the shadow of fear and destruction.

I Mohini, Hindu Goddess of the Light, reach beyond the confines of nation or universe.  Sing me a song from your heart and I will respond with love and blessings. This day is one small vibration in the eons of time of all universes.  You, beloved devotees, are beyond time and definition.  Your role upon the Earth rests in my heart and is dear, so dear to me.

Forget the troubles of your past and bring me, Mohini Murti, into your prayers, meditation and awareness.  Together I will help you learn to transcend the mortal coil that binds you.  Transcendence is my portion for you. All love, honor and blessings to you.”