Mother Mary Speaks to you at Christmastime 2015

Alison JamesMessages of Light

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My Dearest Ones,

Do not trouble your hearts over the woes of the world. Allow your celebrations to be filled with joy and wonder. Think not that you must ride out into the night looking outside of yourselves for the Christ Child. He lives perpetually in your hearts and loves you with such a Great Love, as do I.


We applaud all your efforts to step up to embrace your outer and inner world of love and radiance. You have achieved much. Do not be dissuaded from the path you have chosen in Service to Love and Light. From the Higher Realms we thank you and love you and support you so completely that now is the time for you to trust your journey more than you have ever done before. Be bold! You are my divine children, like my son Jesus. Love yourself and give thanks for the Divine Plan of the Creator that is unfolding all about you. My Love is with you always. Cherish these sacred times upon the Earth.

Love and Flowing Blessings to you
Mother Mary


December, 2015.