My Visit to C.O.T.C., Ashland, Oregon 5/15/2013

Alison JamesAlison's Commentary

I was blessed to have the opportunity to meet in person with Revs. Drs. Angela Magdalene URI and James Germain URI for the first time during my recent visit to Ashland, Oregon while attending with a friend an Andean Mystic Workshop given there by father and son team Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado from Peru. I have been an Associate Minister of C.O.T.C. since 2003, residing in New York City, and this fortuitous meeting provided us all a wonderful time for connecting, for prayer and the sharing of our missions. Graciously, the Reverends facilitated a visit for us to the top Mount Ashland with a clear and breathtaking view of Mount Shasta.

Significantly, it was a pleasure and most gratifying for me to discover that my own journey and expansion as a healing practitioner, teacher, author and counselor intersects with and extends C.O.T.C.’s outreach ministry. The energetic exchange and amplification I experienced personally in the Reverends’ presence was indeed confirmation of the Divine Right Order governing our Collective Service, Collective Christ Consciousness and the Collective Messiahship. This impartation remains with me as I move forward on my path, and our mutual synchronicities embrace me. I know now that over the last ten years there has always been at work a unity between myself and C.O.T.C., keeping us connected with purpose and destiny. As the ancient Inkan teaching ayni tells us, the “reciprocity” operating between mankind and all living forms is key to building the New Golden Age upon Mother Earth.

Indeed, under the guidance of Archangel Michael and the spiritual hierarchy, including my own relationship with Lord Merlin, I know, beyond any doubt, that functioning under the aegis of C.O.T.C. provides me with another geophysical home and the anchoring of my own energies. I give thanks today that I followed my heart and I bear witness to the fact that God places you where you need to be.

In Service to Love and the Light,
Rev. Alison L. James