Mystic Merlinite

Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Mystic Merlinite, otherwise known as Indigo Gabbro, is different from Merlinite and the Blizzard Stone. Mystic Merlinite was discovered on the island of Madagascar. It is largely black with grey mottled markings that may possess a lovely iridescence. Mystic Merlinite lends itself to polishing and is lovely to hold, especially in the moonlight. Hold your Mystic Merlinite in your hand and ask your question, allow the light of Truth to bring the answer you seek. Very often it is simplicity itself, combined with the ability to break through complicated layers of provisos and questions that enables you to connect with an idea that holds within it all the answers you seek. That is the magical power of Merlin and Mystic Merlinite. You discover that you are the knower and the knowledge, the magician and the magic, the seeker and the mystic. Allow your edges to soften and just be.

For clarification: Regular Merlinite (if it could ever be called “regular”) is a type of dendritic agate that is mostly white with black dendritic branches. Merlinite is, as its name suggests, a magical stone for transformation and higher wisdom..

The Blizzard Stone is black with specks or small streaks of white and is not glossy. It is calming and grounding and also assists with your intuition. It helps you see the big picture from a balanced perspective and to help your roots grow deep.

Note: Life is not black and white. Our ability to discern multiple levels brings greater understanding and perspective. These three stones help us heal separation and dualism, to find that black and white co-exist and are One, an inner balance and harmony we can find within ourselves. All three forms help us to balance our different aspects of being, like yin and yang, rebalancing, and aligning the web and flow of energies. Working with them, you may transcend earthly limitations. You may receive that spark of illumination, those “aha” moments when you know you have grasped the Truth of something that gives you insight. Such is life with the energies of Master Mage Merlin.