The Thawing of Humanity

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Attacks of terrorism may be on the rise, but so too is the inner awakening of the heart of humanity on a global scale. The densification of negative thoughtforms that have burdened our world since the “fall” of humanity cannot now supersede the expansion of human consciousness that is well underway. We are discovering that our individual thoughts, feelings, ideas and actions matter far more than we previously understood and are affecting our genetic coding rather than being limited by it.

Humanity’s spiritual evolution is at hand. Our individual vibrations contribute invisibly to the energy of mass consciousness that exists in an omnipresent manner around the globe. Within the mass consciousness of humanity and the Universe are to be found the highest God-qualities such as Love, Peace, Truth, Liberty, Mercy, Compassion and the Brotherhood of Man, as well as the lower energies and concepts that still persist and give us our lessons in life. It is always a matter of choice as to how we decide to live our lives and contribute to the whole of humanity.

As events unfold on the world stage, those who are so motivated to affect world change in positive ways are stepping up to create and share new and improved methods to heal and sustain life on our precious planet. Science and spirituality are not only meeting, but are once more beginning to be perceived as “One”. Cycles of spirituality and higher Intelligence are intersecting to bring about the unification of humanity, East is meeting West. “The New Camelot”, or New Golden Age, is being birthed worldwide, both within and around us.

Despite edifying world religions and sects that have come to the fore throughout our recorded history, we witness today that fanaticism for any one of them is outmoded and that such frozen posturing may bring about harm, atrocities and violence. The perception that beliefs cannot expand along with man’s evolution is false. Faith and belief are not frozen in time, but rather are energies evolving alongside our expanding consciousness and manifestations. Religious dogma and creed are gradually ceding to the evolution of man’s inner spirituality as well as to the practical necessities of the material techno-world. External mediation between God and man by religious leaders has in the past brought about diverse misinterpretations of Truth as well as perversions by those seeking to control and dominate. Such mediation is no longer de rigueur as we learn to accept our own inner abilities, talents and our responsibilities to ourselves, as well as to each other.

Limited within present public awareness today is that the “New Age” community of lightworkers on a global scale is holding and disseminating powerful and life-changing ideas, energies and methods to help bring humanity forward individually and collectively. In alignment with the presence of the Divine, the Divine Plan, the Higher Path that has always been offered to us, is unfolding. It is neither reasonable nor conscionable that one person should benefit at the plight of another. Worldwide woes are face-up on one side of the human coin; Ascension for humanity and Mother Earth herself await on the other.

Our planet is the University for learning within the Cosmos. The polarities that exist here and that unfold within our third-dimensional reality provide us with a sounding board with which to learn, test and hone ourselves for our evolution and development. Dissolving now is the concept of an individual savior to transcend and lead us out of the depths of our man-made despair. Together we are the new messiahship, the ones we have been waiting for. We each hold a key of Unconditional Love within our hearts in order to make this shift to Unity and Oneness a reality.

To this end, the intelligence of the heart must be accessed and balanced with the mind and Higher Intelligence now available to us. Those who ultimately refuse to evolve to this new, balanced fifth-dimensional way of being will not be allowed to diminish The New Camelot that is emerging. The hardened thoughtforms of fanatics and terrorists cannot succeed in destroying our lives. We have evolved collectively past such a point of linear resignation or destruction. Let us set our sights on being harbingers of Love, rather than tools or conduits of any self-imposed Armageddon. We can choose to thrive, not to become extinct. We can intervene on our own behalf.

From a cosmic perspective, we may think of ourselves as the microcosm within the macrocosm of the Universe, or put another way, “as above, so below”. At this time we can know that great spiritual forces are at work to enable our spiritual growth in order to ascend and become Universal Citizens. Our higher and godly sensibilities are increasing and manifesting, whether we realize it or not. As we learn to heal ourselves and hold greater and greater radiations of Light, we are raising our vibration and consciousness. We are not alone on this journey, neither are we without purpose and destiny, for the higher echelons of Intelligence are working beside us ensuring our success. Our prayers and inner cries are heard and felt by myriad ascended souls in the higher realms who may assist us but are not allowed to interfere with our will.

While all this may sound fantastic (in the true sense of the word), a study of worldwide events and ancient writings can reveal much that has been censored and kept from our awareness or forgotten over time. Nonetheless, we are finding our way out of the quagmire of 20th and 21st century social, political, economic and climatic problems. Let us open our hearts and step up to embrace the gifts and talents provided each one of us to fulfill the Divine Plan for the massive regeneration of humanity. As the Poorna Avatar, His Holiness Sri Satya Sai Baba said:

“Love All, Serve All”.