New March Magic

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks


There is a new thrust of energies springing forth and if you so allow, it will carry you to a more profound and deeper experience of self. Quantum physics can explain the concept in theory, but the inner experience is beyond human words and definition. It is an expansion and evolution of self.

I have witnessed many souls standing at the brink of a new day and a new life, only to recoil back towards what they deem to be a place of safety and comfort, to a place of what has gone before. This reliance on the ways of the past is being expanded to encompass new perspectives for you now. This can happen with ease and grace, if you will allow.

Your guides and angels are whispering in your ears, encouraging you to take a step, even a little step, in the direction of your dreams and the fulfillment of your destiny.  Be as fearless as a lion and as gentle as a lamb. Let love of self, of others and your world lead you to manifest what lies in your heart. It’s that simple.  Be encouraged to put on a cloak of light and love, like the Ascended Masters who wear the white robes of the I AM Presence. Your own Christ presence within your heart is your pearl of great price. Let it shine in Love and Light to all in your personal world and humanity!