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Hello Everyone,

It feels like it’s New Year all over again with new beginnings all around, but now it’s with a deeper personal conviction to emerge, re-centered with a greater sense of Self. A virus and cough have had me in a holding pattern to release some “old stuff”, but with Aries’ flame of initiatory movement and a renewed physical strength I am stepping into a new flow. I am resurrecting myself and I wish the same for you. Whatever the external planetary and cosmic influences, whatever the “Lads” are stepping down to us, it’s working! I sense a re-ignition of purpose and destiny.

One reason it feels different for me is because I personally sense a greater awareness of the NOW and the ability to choose from the smorgasbord of life. When we are “present in the present”, we are not dictated to by the ego. It does love to wave its flag and distract our attention, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, with stillness we can follow direction from within and more readily choose to step out of repetitive negative thinking, emotions and behavior in order to be our authentic self and to implement sovereignty.

Spring is leading us forward, ushering in a renewed enthusiasm for new beginnings and creativity. An annual pilgrimage for me is to visit the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Gardens. There, for an hour or two, I immerse myself in so much natural beauty and abundance, that when I leave, I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually refreshed by that communion with Mother Nature. On PBS recently, there was a documentary about how trees communicate to the plants surrounding them, feeding them and supporting their growth. Scientists are stunned to witness this sensory and biological communication, but are, not surprisingly, unable to explain it. There is available an energetic exchange with trees, plants and flowers that we can experience as well, just as with crystals, but let me not digress!

So out with the old and in with the new. Life is unfolding, just as the sun is always shining, even if we cannot see it. Surprises abound in the little things all about us, in seeing something afresh. A new course of study awaits me this Easter in Arizona with J.J. Hurtak and his new book, Overself Awakening.  I am ready to get more of the truth of me and I wish the same for you.

Happy Easter,
Love and Blessings,
Al Ra Harati

April 2014