New Thinking for The Golden Age

Alison L. JamesPoetry

From year 2000, the New Age of Light,
Time for humanity to make things right.
No more self-centered, overblown ego,
Increase unity awareness, tame the libido.
World issues of war and famine are pressing,
Power hungry terrorists are possessing
Too much limelight, too many armaments,
Training children to live in a firmament.
Acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation,
A new world consciousness, not retaliation
Are calling us now. Ignite the fight
For Love and Peace, for human rights.
Educate the children, the next generation,
Eliminate ethnic boundaries, no more differentiation.
Save the planet, respect animal life,
Cease senseless murder, poverty and strife.
Celebrate world culture, music, literature, art,
Know that through every person God plays a part.
With reasoned thinking and an attitude of grace,
Reach out for Oneness behind every face.