New World Order

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Hello Everyone. My name is Merlin.

I am so pleased to be able to speak to you about the New Golden Age. It’s an Age of Love and Light and so many positive attributes. You are going to find yourselves living in the New Camelot – there’s no doubt about it! The New World Order is coming very fast, faster than you can believe, and everyone is going to play a part. There are going to be people all over the world who will congregate in the name of Love, Peace and Non-Violence. Wars and hatred will cease, only Love will prevail.

This is going to change how the world works. There are going to be so many drastic changes in your lives and you are going to find yourselves in a new way of thinking and acting, and a new way of holding yourselves within the social framework. There will be no time for disagreements, rather only time for positive output and interaction on all levels of being. The old ways are going to fall away and new ways are going to come through, ways you may not have considered before: ways of behaving in the home, in your community and in the world at large.

There is going to be a dissolution of major religions. This means that without such institutions to control mass consciousness, it will be up to the individual how to choose belief systems and behavior. It’s not going to be an easy transition, for there will be so many choices for everyone to make. People are going to have to be trained to think differently and to think for the common good, not just for the self. This is going to require some added incentive of cooperation for everyone, which will come from Love. I am speaking of cooperation within oneself as well as with everyone else. Your own being will have to be brought under control, and this is the path to Enlightenment, the path to Mastery of Self. While this path may be paved with good intentions, it will require a lot of discipline and application in order to be successful. Every individual will need to apply himself/herself consistently. There will be many spiritual leaders, even as there are avatars on Earth right now, leading the way and showing what it means to live in Love and Unity with the Family of Mankind.

There will no room for backsliding into false beliefs and negative patterns of fear and hatred. These patterns no longer serve humanity and are being dissolved. You are clearing yourselves and your communities, your governments and your nations, uncovering and healing what needs to be healed. The intention for one is the intention for all, as it was in Camelot, or as Dumas said, “One for all, and all for one.” The New Golden Age will be an Age when people work together, cooperating in a spirit of mutual love and respect. The old paradigm of ‘me, me, me,’ is going to fall away and be replaced by ‘we, we, we’ working for the common good of everyone.

Man is reaching for the stars. He can no longer think in arrogance that he is alone in the Universe, for he is not. Even Mother Earth is accompanied by so many other planets, constellations and galaxies of Love and Light and she is taking her new place within the Cosmic Order. The Hierarchy of Ascended Masters within the celestial realms is assisting this Ascension process for all into a new way of being. There will come eventually, many years hence, a time when Unity is sufficient for the One and ruling governments will evolve into a single utopia. But this is still far ahead in the future.

So be encouraged. There are going to be many new organizations and structures to help this major transition. We are at the beginning stages of a New Era, and while this may seem far-fetched and implausible to some, it is going to come to pass. Your present nations and governments will seek to realign themselves with Truth, Love and Peace and this is the answer to thousands of years of war and destruction. The New Golden Age will herald the time where all life forms are celebrated, protected and greatly loved. There will be a World Order of Harmony and an overwhelming sense of justice and putting right the wrongs that have been suffered on Mother Earth. So much good is going to come that it will seem incredible that so much war and destruction existed before. And yet this has played its part in bringing everyone to a place of common understanding and mutual respect. This will carry planet Earth forward into this New Golden Age of Light.

There will be many who will not agree and who will refuse to adjust to this new way of being. They will not be able to remain in the higher fifth dimensional energies which are being established on Earth through multiple infusions of Cosmic Light and Energy. This is truly a miracle in the evolution of the planet. Many will reap the rewards for efforts made for the benefit of Mankind and all life forms thereon.

The end of suffering is here. It is now incumbent upon everyone to live his/her life to the best of his/- her ability, holding the highest Love frequency possible. As the Master Jesus and so many other masters on Earth have taught us, it is important to love yourself and to love others as you love yourself. When spiritual principles and devotion are fully understood and accepted on Earth, as demonstrated over millennia, then man will move forward into his next level of evolution, his next step on the Path to Enlightenment and to Self Realization. This path may not be easy, but it has been trodden by many. At this time, so many lightworkers are treading this path and I am here to tell you that their work is succeeding and planet Earth is ascending. Your mission to assist in this process is even more important, especially now. So know that we, the Ascended Masters, are assisting you in every possible way so that this work can continue and the New Golden Age can be brought to fruition on Mother Earth. Also, there are so many working diligently beyond your visual experience to help all on Earth realize their true destiny and the truth of who they are. The Divine I AM Presence of God exists within each one of you and therefore the omnipresence is you and will be forever you as you realize your own Divinity and the Divine Love within you.

Please know that I and the other Ascended Masters are here with you throughout this evolutionary period. Do not doubt it. The Golden Age of Atlantis reached a pinnacle and fell, but the New Golden Age of Light coming on Mother Earth will go beyond that of Atlantis and will in essence far exceed man’s linear thinking and conceptual ideas. As Mother Earth evolves to take her place within the Planetary Hierarchy, you too will play your part within this New Camelot, the New Golden Age. It is here, it is NOW. There is no more time for fear or hesitation. Be assured, there is no turning back. Sink or swim. It is your choice. I wish you well on your journey.

Your Obedient Servant,
Master Merlin.