November 11, 2016 (11:11) Stargate

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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What a time you are all having, whether you are enjoying it or not! And I remind you that there is no time like the present to realize your Mastery: mastery of self and all you survey. See the reflection and balance of the number 11, the mastery of self, the 11:11. As you stand in front of a mirror, your own mastery is reflected back to you. Or from our perspective, the stargate of 11:11 is a reflection from heaven to earth, and back again. What is being reflected back to humanity by leadership at this time?

Contrary to your thinking that you are on a sinking ship, you are about to encounter new challenges and opportunities to apply your own wisdom in ways that will astound you. A greater sense of harmony and balance will prevail over the weeks and months to come. It begins with you. While no-one can say what the new presidency will bring, you can be sure that all that you have learned to be is going to be put to good use in all facets of your lives. Never more than now can your own power of love be utilized for optimum effect for self, for community, for nation and for the planet.

Do you know how powerful and important each one of you is? No-one being is more important than another. Are you ready to play your part? Your meditations, prayers and thoughts hold sway for the mass consciousness of all humanity. Remember the 100th monkey effect. Be not dismayed or despondent, there is much method in all the seeming madness.

While we will not interfere, we honor your intentions. On 11:11 allow your mastery of self to unfold, bringing the balance and peace you seek. By opening your hearts you enable greater love to manifest. A door is opening for you all to walk through and to hold the highest love and intent for a bright future.

We, the Family of Light, await you.

Love and Blessings,
Master Merlin