Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations


Nuumite is a recent addition to our crystalline lexicon. “New Might” is a good metaphor for this stone! It comes from Greenland and is mined during only a couple of warm months of the year. This unique gemstone is billions of years old. It has flecks of multi-colored irridescence that make one think of the Aurora Borealis colors of the northern skies. Here it is shown with golden flecks.

Nuumite’s grounding qualities connect you deeply to the core of Mother Earth and to your own core. It may be used in meditation to help with journeying and unearthing deep subconscious issues that need to come to the surface to be dealt with. Your self mastery, soul quest and sovereignty are also greatly aided by this stone as well as your psychic abilities. Nuumite’s energies are truly indispensable at this time.