Ode to Master Malachite

Alison L. JamesPoetry

Malachite, Malachite, Man of Green,
The craziest spirit I’ve never seen,
Strewing petals at my feet
Of precious daisies smelling sweet.

Malachite, Malachite, out of time,
Without limitation, with soul divine,
Living beyond the construct’s veil,
“Breathe Beloved, inhale, exhale.”

You stroke my head, I feel God’s grace,
Acknowledgement comes with your embrace,
Your loving essence surrounds my heart,
You were at Creation’s start.

Malachite, Malachite, my heart’s on fire,
Help me manifest my soul’s desire,
Where planes of energy intersect
Bring opportunities for me to perfect.

Malachite, consciousness in the raw,
Show me what my life is for,
Demonstrate your creative power,
Evidence I AM-ness in this hour.

Lord of Creation, magnificent light,
Teach me to stay the course with might,
Show me the inner strength that’s mine,
Prove to me that I AM divine.

I sit beneath an outstretched tree,
Its grounding energy enveloping me,
Harboring birds and insects small,
I observe in silence, I hear your call.

Each blade of grass, each petal’s glow
Speaks of you, puts on a show,
The fragrant breeze o’er earth’s green cover
Dispels all pain, like a lover.

Twirling around, with you I dance,
Sensing your presence, I enter a trance,
In this moment I feel the spiritual,
Therein lies the mystic ritual.

I think of you as I write these words,
That you are with me is not absurd,
I am blessed you may watch over me
As I inhale this beautiful tree.

Glimmering, transcendent in my mind,
You are revealed and joy I find,
I sense your presence, I feel your spirit,
I am grateful for your visit.