Collective Christ Consciousness

Alison JamesAlison's Commentary

Beloved ONE,

After the culmination and global initiation of the Harvest Moon which we viewed on the outer plane, as the moon begins to wane, this is now an opportunity to enter the inner plane of being. As we work on an individual basis through the effects of our recent solar and lunar infusions, we can know that the Divine Plan is at work in all our lives. We may not be able to pinpoint exactly how our consciousness is changing, but we feel the inner workings going on and their fast-moving effects.

The outer manifestations on the planet, East meeting West and the political, social and economic interweaving on an international scale, are providing an opportunity for us to witness growth and change on a massive scale. It would be easy to be overwhelmed by present-day happenings and their chaos, but conversely we have the awareness to go within and be One with our I AM Presence and to be at peace. Everything is being orchestrated perfectly, despite our human perception that so much appears to be out of synch.

The Christ Consciousness grid around planet Earth is anchored. What is required of us is our choice and determination to be Love, stay in Love and to step forward in Love – seemingly complex perhaps, yet paradoxically quite simple. It is to know and accept that Universal Christ Consciousness and our I AM Presence are operating within and without, providing the way for us to come forward. Trust and faith in God/the Creator/All There Is/Your Divinity is the answer.

No matter the obstacles or challenges, our inner radiance is Divine and at work for the benefit of ourselves and humanity. It is time to “walk our talk” and work as guided from the inside out, to be proactive in all that we are able to do, to participate within our new shared and heightened momentum and to make strides together as a Whole. Our mass dynamic of Collective Christ Consciousness can be expanded exponentially now. To this end, I do hope you will participate in the two special events below.

In Service to the ONE,
Rev. Alison L James and Master Merlin

October, 2015.